Saturday, March 12, 2011

My New Blog

Yarn Demoiselle

Goodbye Knitting Forever!
Your last post,
Your New Yarn Demoiselle

New Nothings

I have done absolutely nothing. No knitting, or anything. With Yarn Harlot she has whenever she talks about knitting, it's "Your Yarn Harlot is..." and stuff like that. Should I have a nickname? The only "bad" thing about having a nickname like that is Yarn Harlot is the blog name. Should I start a new blog with a name? It would make it easier to clear my title , "Worst blogger of 2010". I'll think. If I decide to make a new blog, the link will be in the next (last) post. :)
Soon to have a more exciting blog,
Knitty A.J.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Things, and Promises Being Broken

I was reading the book Casts Off, by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee when I came across this question, "Why do I like knitting so much?". I abruptly stopped reading (I am a big reader...) and thought about it. Absentmindedly I said aloud, "Because..." I really didn't know. I decided to go to bed (bad choice... When I am thinking about something, OMG there's a thing called sleep?) I tossed and turned in bed and I came up with a few good answers. Like "It's a craft." Wait. Oh, I am thinking of the BAD ideas that ran through my head. Okay. Like " 'Cause I like being different." and " 'Cause people like me." But I finally came up with the real answer. "Because I like producing things that me and others like.
The promise I made before? How this blog will just be about knitting? Screw that. My life is interesting and... Well... 'Interesting' pretty much describes my life. Oh, and hectic.
Oh and the other promise about writing once a week? Screw that too. I will write when I have time. I understand, and you will now too, that my life is SUPER busy.
That's all things new. I haven't been knitting this week. I've been too busy. (And all those 'traditions'? Screw them too.)
I've been thinking about casting on something new... Now is the perfect time. It's 9:30. And it's just me and Mom. And Dad and Val won't be home until super later. See ya. I promise... Wait. Isn't promises what got me into this mess? No more promises.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My REAL 1st Knitting post

:) The title says it all.
Cool Scarf

This is a scarf I have been working on for a long time. I was SUPER bored, sooo...
Fire Socks
Awesome FIRE SOCKS! :)
Your crazy Knitting friend

My 1st Knitting Post (Sort of... Well, not really.)

You may think, She's been such a bad blogger, I should even try... (Note to self, add Knitting Forever to The Blogs I Think You Should Try...) Well, I agree, I have been such a bad blogger. But this is a brand new blog! (Well, not really... I just loved the name Knitting Forever, so I didn't want to make a new one.) Let's all go deep into our imagination, deeper then ever before, and believe, believe that this is a brand new blog. Now come out of your imagination, but still believe in the back of your head, maybe in the center, that this is a brand new blog.
I have picked up some tips from Yarn Harlot, which in my mind is the best blog ever!! (No offense to any Knitting blogs out there. Leave a comment if you have a knitting blog.) Like make Top Ten Lists. For her, they are hilarious! I only read January 2004, and her Top Ten List was really funny. :)
My Top Ten List on Why This Blog Will Be Awesome
10. I will try to update it at least once a week with all the happenings with my Knitting. Please, bear with me, I am now learning true blogging.
9. I love knitting (right now...)! I go through phases and I am 100% sure that you people out there do to. So I might not be interested in blogging about knitting all the time, but I will always go back to it. :D
8. I am new to true blogging, so I'll make mistakes, and some (most, I hope..) of the time those mistakes will be funny.
7. My writing I will try to make as descriptive as possible. Like emoctions (typing emotions, like smiley face :) or mad :/ )
6. I am CRAZY, say my BFF at school. She says to our friends," Who's crazier? Me (Apple Juice is back.. My BFF is SO crazy at times. Like on Fridays during our violin lessons...) or A.J? (Yes, A.J. stands for Apple Juice, ponderers.)" Most of the time, they would point at me. Unless it is Friday. Then she's the winner.
5. My lucky number is 5! I am (somewhat) superstitious. Not in everything. Not in bad luck. Like my black cat Loki? He passes my path all the time. My life goes on, as normal.
4. I love, love, love my comments. I will answer them asap. I never get comments, and that's why I treasure them so much. :0
3. My mom loves knitting too, so that will pull me in the loop.
2. I love pictures! I have a camera too, so I will get pictures of everything! (More or Less...)
1. I think of things differently then some people. Not everything, but I try to put a spin on life.
Dad and Sis alert. Must end this post. Next post will be about knitting for sure!! I promise!
Your Crazy Knitting Friend